China Daily:State-owned firms step up energy supply efforts

信息來源:China Daily  發布時間2020-02-15

China's State-owned power giants are shoring up efforts to secure energy supplies for the national fight against the novel coronavirus, including preferential treatment for businesses that need support when resuming operation.

China Southern Power Grid has rolled out a slew of measures such as 24-hour power monitoring, to ensure electricity supply to medical institutions and other key clients on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control, including medical facilities, government agencies and protective gear production enterprises.

For small-and medium-sized enterprises that have difficulty in operation due to the epidemic, the utility firm will postpone charges for a specific period, in accordance with government regulations, to support their recovery.

For enterprises expanding production capacity to fight the epidemic, the company will remove the maximum electricity consumption cap required by existing charging contracts and will charge the excess amounts separately.

The company has also promised to maintain power supply to residents and businesses involved in the epidemic prevention and control even if they have outstanding bills.


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